About Us

About UsMy son, who was 6 at the time, wanted to create his own  football team for his neighborhood friends.  He and his friends had created a name for their team and wanted personalized shirts to wear when they played.   We looked at creating something on a t-shirt site, but he only needed a few shirts and all the sites were designed for larger quantities.  So my husband and I created a process to make the custom shirts for him and his friends.  They loved them and then we just found so many reasons to start customizing shirts.  We created shirts for the families of our baseball team and  the neighborhood tennis team.  That’s how we  began customizing clothes.  Then, I started thinking of things I could create that my kids would love.  Here’s how the next idea came to be.

My son hates wearing his coat on mornings when it’s cold outside when he gets on the bus, but warms up by the end of the day when he rides the bus home.  He would tell me  he wasn’t cold, but would be shivering at the bus stop.  So I would force him to wear the coat only to have him  leave his coat at school . Or he would shove  the coat in his back pack and not have room for his other stuff.  This has been a continued discussion in our house.  So when we started customizing shirts, I thought why not create some stylish sleeves that he would want to wear and we could leave the coat at home until harsh winter days.

Once I created the first pair, he thought they looked like what all the major league baseball players wear.  He decided he liked wearing just one when he played baseball.  His friends of course loved them and so began the customized kids sleeves.

I am excited to bring you personalized apparel to meet your needs and look forward to creating many innovative apparel products for you to love.