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Compression Arm Sleeves

$15.95 Save -20.00%

Let's do it all! The text & number sleeve allows you to add your own text and customize your wrist design to show off your number.

$13.95 Save -20.00%

Choose your favorite design, then select your colors, and lastly add your own text message to the text sleeve.

$11.95 Save -20.00%

Want to add just your number to your sleeve? Here's the one for you. Start with your favorite design and colors then choose from our wrist designs that show off your number.


You like to keep it simple, this arm sleeve is for you. Just pick your favorite design and colors


What our customers are saying

I have been so pleased with the sleeves I've ordered from Uparel. My youngest son is 6 and this is his first season playing baseball. I didn't want to spend big money on a sleeve for him yet and Uparel was set up at our baseball park one day. He got to pick out a sleeve and pick all the colors. We even had his baseball number added to it. He was thrilled and the prices can't be beat. Then it came in the mail and my oldest son was so jealous that I ended up ordering one for him as well. He loved getting on the site and looking at all the options. These sleeves are well made and so worth the money. At these prices, we can afford to get a custom one every season for each of my little baseball players. We will definitely be return customers.