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Why do football players wear sleeves on one arm?

Our wide selection of football sleeves help player reach their maximum potential. It is worn typically on one arm. There are many reason wearing one arm sleeve. The main reason is to build confidence. Sleeves help express one's style. We have a great product to mach a full range of football player style choices. Another reason football players wear sleeves on one arm is graduated compression on their dominant arm. Compression helps with circulation of the arm. This in turn helps with recovery and performance.

What material is it?

It is made of a polyester/spandex SPF 50 fabric with a compression fit. The moisture wicking properties keeps you cool and dry. This material provides sun protection, wind protection all while keeping your favorite player looking awesome. As an added bonus you are helping the environment. A portion of our fabric is created from recycled plastic bottles.

What are arm sleeves for in football?

There are several uses for them. They are a form of expression. It gives football players confidence while providing support. They can be used on either arm. Also, they are just plain cool looking!