Custom Arm sleeves


I want to order many sleeves. What should I look for?

Timing is everything. Make sure to get a get something in writing about the time it would take to get your custom designed arm sleeves. The vast majority of online retailers ship the manufacturing to Pakistan or china. The hidden turn times are usually 4-6 weeks even if they are advertised as shorter. Uparel makes all their products in the USA greatly reducing turn around times.

To lower per piece costs other retailer add hidden charges and setup fees. Make sure you ask if there are any other fees to the cost. A common technique is to give a per piece cost but then add design or rush fees just before shipping. Uparel will give you a single price per piece and the price will not change.

We believe that customers come back when we ship your sleeves fast, with competitive prices and great customer service.

What material is it?

It is made of a polyester/spandex SPF 50 fabric with a compression fit. The moisture wicking properties keeps you cool and dry. This material provides sun protection, wind protection all while keeping your favorite player looking awesome. As an added bonus you are helping the environment. A portion of our fabric is created from recycled plastic bottles.