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What are compression arm sleeves used for?

With its moisture wicking properties, compression sleeves are used to keep you dry and comfortable. Also, the graduated compression garments helps you recover more quickly. The protective abilities prevent sunburns and abrasions.

What do compression sleeves do?

They do alot of things to many people. Mainly they show off ones style. Some people like how it supports their arms. Others like their name on it or their number. Some types are meant to keep you cool. Some keep you warm. It also covers the arm. All our sleeves help keep the sun off when you are out.They are UPF 50+ Certified.

Will my number/text peel off after washing it?

No, With the process we use to personalize the sleeve, the number will never peel off.

Do you have a size chart?
What material is it?

It is made of a polyester/spandex SPF 50 fabric with a compression fit. The moisture wicking properties keeps you cool and dry. This material provides sun protection, wind protection all while keeping your favorite player looking awesome. As an added bonus you are helping the environment. A portion of our fabric is created from recycled plastic bottles.

Should I order one sleeve or two?

This is up to you and may depend on the sport you play. Baseball pros usually wear one sleeve when playing. Basketball pros wear two and some football pros wear one and some wear two. Some customers prefer to order a pair even if their child is only going to wear one at a time to ensure they always have one clean.

Why do volleyball players wear arm sleeves?

Volleyball players wear arm sleeves to help prevent scrapes and cuts. When a volleyball player dives for the ball (also known as a dig) scrapes can happen. Sleeves protect them.

Why do runners wear compression sleeves on their arms?

Compression Sleeves allow cooling benefits by drawing moisture away from your body. Also, high end arm sleeves provide sun and uv protection. Sunscreen interferes with runners. This is a safe effective alternative.

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