Baseball Arm Sleeves

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Top fitting baseball arm sleeves

#1 Elite Arm Sleeve

Through years of experience and craftsmanship, we are now known as the #1 elite arm sleeve retailer in the USA

Pros Like It

We understand the special requirements that our baseball pros expect. From the the hidden seam construction to our ultra high quality materials, we strive to produce the ultimate baseball sleeve.


What makes this baseball accessory unique is that we offer wide range of colors (red, white and blue plus 20 more colors), prices, fit options, numbers and text.

Top Quality

To add a little more luxury to our product, we hand dye the letters to the material. This ensures that they will not fall off during game play. We offer both adult and youth sizes.

Why do so many baseball players buy from us?

Quality is our strength. We have developed a proprietary process that takes your specifications and then applies it to our arm sleeves. Our customers choose the designs, sizes, colors and text. Look no further for  the right color arm sleeve or the right size. Other retailers use gaskets or rubber rings on their products thinking that that will produce a better fit. Unfortunately, it cuts off the circulation of the biceps causing performance problems while throwing and batting. There is no shortcut for a pro fit. That’s why we have a 100% satisfactions guarantee on all our items.  We work with fabric manufacturers to make custom materials for us.

What to look for

When looking for a sleeve most baseball players look for :

  • Do the sleeves come in enough sizes?
  • Are the stitches hidden?
  • Is the material true wicking fabric?
  • Can you choose your colors and numbers?
  • If unhappy, with it, can you return it?
  • Is it shipped quickly?

At Uparel, we understand these concerns.  That’s why we make our baseball sleeves:

  • Available in 6 sizes.
  • Our stitches are hidden. Exposed stitching quickly unravel when sliding into second base.
  • True wicking fabric is made from polyester/spandex allowing your arm to breath. Nylon/Spandex sleeves actually absorb moisture and hold it in.
  • Our sleeves are available in multiple colors. Over 24 colors on each style. Our numbers are permanently placed and are guaranteed not to come off.
  • If you are unhappy with our products for any reason, please feel free to contact us. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Normally, our sleeves ship within 1-2 business days. Each and everyone of them are made to order. Free shipping on qualifying orders.

Helping Youth Baseball

Here, at Uparel, we work closely with the local community by sponsoring youth baseball associations. Our associates spend on average 5 hours a week volunteering their time helping with youth baseball association activities. Alot, goes into our youth sports. We would like to thank our volunteers, coaches  and umpires that make these organizations run.  Besides volunteering we have helped associations purchase T-screens, uniforms(including mens and womens socks, shirts and cleats!) and catching equipment.

Our Homerun Colors



Dark Green




Light Blue




Light Pink



Royal Blue


Medium Gray



Uparel Lime

Navy Blue

Sporty Yellow